Stop Heavy Underarm Sweating

Doctor Formulated Antiperspirant System
  • AVOID SURGERY or complicated procedures
  • SOOTHING FORMULA won't burn your skin
  • NO PRESCRIPTION required from a Doctor
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Scientifically Advanced for Optimal Control of Excessive Sweating

The innovative ingredients are clinically proven to treat excessive sweating:

  • No Prescription Required
  • Soothing formula won't burn skin
  • No need for painful Botox injections
  • Avoid Surgery to remove sweat glands
  • Doctor formulated
  • One of a kind "system" adjustable for all levels of sweating

87% of participants satisfied!

If you're like most people suffering from excessive sweating, you've probably tried just about every product available on your local pharmacy's shelves but have found that none of them work.

You may have gone as far as stuffing tissues under your arms, wearing dark colors to conceal sweat stains or sadly even avoiding social situations to prevent the embarrassment.

You may even be considering an extreme measure like Botox injections or even surgical removal of your sweat glands. You're not alone!

You're about to experience one of the great advancements in the treatment of excessive sweating ("Hyperhidrosis"). Introducing the MiracleDry AM/PM Antiperspirant System which is doctor formulated with clinically proven ingredients.

Once you apply the products, the mix of highly potent clinical strength antiperspirant agents along with special skin softeners and emollients work quickly to stop even the most severe underarm sweating.

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Doctor Formulated Antiperspirant System for Excessive Sweating Control - Ingredients Clinically Proven
The doctor endorsed MiracleDry® AM/PM System is a single solution that can replace all of the other products typically needed to treat excessive underarm sweating such as a clinical strength antiperspirant, a prescription product, a deodorant for daily maintenance and a skin ointment for irritation. MiracleDry AM – Use every morning
MiracleDry PM – Use at night
“I recommend the MiracleDry AM/PM System to my patients as a first line of defense against excessive underarm sweating.

The unique ‘system’ approach is simple yet highly effective at treating the most severe cases of sweating and without irritating the skin."

Dr. Michael Fiorillo, M.D., Board Certified Medial Doctor & Surgeon

Truly A Miracle!

April 21, 2014
I suffered from excessive sweating for years. It was so embarrassing. I would sweat right through my clothes and would be so humiliated by the huge wet stains that appeared on my shirts. I tried every product imaginable but nothing worked. The sweating just wouldn't stop. Actually, many of the products I tried made the situation worse due to the intense itchiness, irritation and rashes that I experienced from using those products. My life finally changed when a friend mentioned MiracleDry. It truly is a miracle and I finally can live life in comfort and with confidence now that my heavy sweating is finally under control. Thank you MiracleDry.

Name: Bill M.
From: Sherman Oaks, CA
Gender: Male
Perspiration Level:

I Absolutely Love MiracleDry!

July 17, 2014
I absolutely LOVE MiracleDry!!! I have struggled with sweating my entire life and never found a product that works. But your products are amazing, especially the MiracleDry PM!! For the first time in like 10 years I can comfortably wear whatever I want and not have to worry about sweat. Thank you so much!
Name: Shelby T.
From: Flint, TX
Gender: Female
Perspiration Level:

Works Better Than Any Other Antiperspirant I've Used

Oct 7, 2014

I purchased Miracle Dry for my teen daughter. She follows the directions and has experienced no bad reactions. I've used another clinical brand and find it very effective but I do experience burning and itching if it is not applied very sparingly. For this reason I was reluctant to have my daughter use it. I didn't want her to have a negative experience and then be afraid to try another product. This is her reaction in her own words:

MiracleDry has been very effective since the first time I used it. It helps control sweating. I used to sweat even when I wasn’t hot but now with Miracle Dry I don’t sweat at all. Even when I am hot it controls it and my clothes stay dry and don’t stink. It works better than any other antiperspirant I’ve ever used before. I would recommend it to anyone who hates sweating or has excessive sweating. It has helped me a lot!

Name: Margo T.
From: Rexburg, Idaho
Gender: Female
How much have you wasted on trying to find a solution that works?
Stop Excessive Sweating Without Expensive Surgery
"As a medical doctor and surgeon I recommend the MiracleDry AM/PM System to my patients which typically eliminates the need for more drastic measures such as botox treatments, microwave procedures or surgery; all of which are expensive and can have serious complications and risks."

- Dr. Michael Fiorillo., M.D.
Board Certified Medial Doctor & Surgeon

Don't resort to expensive surgery, botox or microwave lasers
You deserve to feel comfortable and confident. You’ve probably wasted countless amounts of time and money trying to find a cure for your heavy sweating. It's time to choose the right products designed exclusively for individuals like you. The MiracleDry AM/PM System takes the specific needs of people with excessive sweating into account to create the perfect anti-sweating system that's adjustable to your unique body chemistry and personal needs...

You have nothing to lose. Let MiracleDry quickly control that annoying underarm sweating while soothing your skin so you can finally be comfortable and confident. We're so sure, we even let all of our customers try it with a no-risk money-back guarantee. Prove it to yourself that the MiracleDry AM/PM Antiperspirant System truly works miracles... Try it today risk-free!
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*Based on a clinical study of 691 hyperhidrosis patients treated with varying concentrations of aluminum chloride solutions.
MiracleDry contains same active ingredient used in study.

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