About MiracleDry®

MiracleDry® is manufactured by Highland Consumer Products, Inc. who is based in Franklin Lakes, NJ. We are a specialty healthcare products company with the sole focus of addressing the underserved market of individuals with hyperhidrosis which is the medical term for excessive sweating.

The company was founded after recognizing that since this condition effects only an estimated 2-3% of the population the big-name pharmaceutical and consumer products companies tend not to specialize in this niche market due to its limited size. As a result, existing mass-marketed antiperspirant products typically fail to effectively treat this relatively uncommon condition. In response to this need, the company has developed the revolutionary MiracleDry® AM/PM System by leveraging its collective 50 years experience in the healthcare industry.

Our team’s credentials include the development of numerous patents in the field of antiperspirant chemistry and the creation of several other leading antiperspirant and deodorant products that have been used by millions of satisfied people worldwide. After many years studying the mechanism of excessive sweating and the causes of hyperhidrosis, we have invented a unique approach to treating this condition with our one of a kind "antiperspirant system" which is comprised of two proprietary formulations that work together stop the heaviest sweating.

Our products are made in the USA in state of the art manufacturing facilities which adhere to industry best practices as well as all associated FDA regulatory guidelines such as "Good Manufacturing Practice" (GMP).