Featured Testimonials

"Dear MiracleDry, I absolutely LOVE MiracleDry!!! I have struggled with sweating my entire life and never found a product that works. But your products are amazing, especially the MiracleDry PM!! For the first time in like 10 years I can comfortably wear whatever I want and not have to worry about sweat. Thank you so much!!"

— Shelby T., Flint, TX

"For as long as I can remember I have not been able to wear grey, or colored shirts at any point in the year. I could have sweat stains under my arms if it was 10 degree's outside, but not anymore. Miracle Dry has helped me to finally wear something other than a black dress shirt to a wedding, something other than black period. All the shirts I have owned have been dark colors for confidence reasons, but now that has all changed. I put the day time formula on every morning and the night time every other night - you wouldn't believe the results! I was one step away from signing up for medical testing, but I ran across this online, I couldn't be happier."

— Daniel W., Orland Hills, IL

"I purchased Miracle Dry for my teen daughter. She follows the directions and has experienced no bad reactions. I've used another clinical brand and find it very effective but I do experience burning and itching if it is not applied very sparingly. For this reason I was reluctant to have my daughter use it. I didn't want her to have a negative experience and then be afraid to try another product. This is her reaction in her own words:"

"MiracleDry has been very effective since the first time I used it. It helps control sweating. I used to sweat even when I wasn’t hot but now with Miracle Dry I don’t sweat at all. Even when I am hot it controls it and my clothes stay dry and don’t stink. It works better than any other antiperspirant I’ve ever used before. I would recommend it to anyone who hates sweating or has excessive sweating. It has helped me a lot!"

— Margo T., Rexburg, Idaho

"I suffered from excessive sweating for years. It was so embarrassing. I would sweat right through my clothes and would be so humiliated by the huge wet stains that appeared on my shirts. I tried every product imaginable but nothing worked. The sweating just wouldn't stop.

Actually, many of the products I tried made the situation worse due to the intense itchiness, irritation and rashes that I experienced from using those products. My life finally changed when a friend mentioned MiracleDry. It truly is a miracle and I finally can live life in comfort and with confidence now that my heavy sweating is finally under control. Thank you MiracleDry"

— Bill M., Sherman Oaks, CA

"I have been a heavy sweater and have struggled with body odor all of my life. It was so embarrassing and I would constantly worry about people noticing my unpleasant odor. It was a vicious cycle, as my worrying caused more stress which caused more sweat and odor, etc. I regularly showered twice a day, tried all kinds of different deodorants and antiperspirants and even tried to use cologne to mask the situation, but nothing worked. My problem was finally solved when I discovered MiracleDry, which, to my surprise has actually controlled my underarm sweating and eliminated my body odor once and for all!"

— Dave H., Phoenix, AZ

"Ever since I was a teenager I was a heavy sweater. I hoped I would grow out of it and that my problem would go away but it just got worse. It was especially bad whenever I had to give a presentation at work as I sweat heavily when I get nervous.

I tried all of the leading products available on the market but none of them worked. I even got a prescription from my Dr. for a higher-dose product which helped a bit but the painful itching and burning side-effects were unbearable. So I came to expect that I would just have to live with this problem.

My sweating and discomfort continued for years and years until I finally discovered MiracleDry when searching on the Web. I can honestly say that MiracleDry has solved my problem. It is simply an amazing product. I don't sweat nor do I have the painful side effects. I highly recommend MiracleDry to anyone like me who sweats excessively."

— Steve D., Seattle, WA